15 sexy gifs of Anna Kournikova – the charm of her fans

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Moscow, Russia. When she was only 7 years old, her father began to teach her
how to play tennis. Anna taught every day. When she was a teenager, she
came to her first tennis competition. Anna has become recognizable in appearance.
like tennis player Britney Spears. In 1998 during the Paris Festival.
In 1998, her fast feed was accelerated to 111.2 mph. Her ability to play tennis
attracted attention not only in tennis competitions, but also on television. On
At the age of 19, she landed a small but vibrant role in Me, Me and Irene in 2000.
playing as a motel manager. She also appeared and played Enrique’s girlfriend in
Music video Antique Iglesias Escape. Anna was recognized as the sexiest woman in
in the rating of 100 sexiest girls by FHM magazine for 2002 … In 2003
September she suffered a lower back injury and was working on site.
reporter for US networks covering the US Open. But, as of March
In 2004, she retired from professional tennis due to a chronic lower back disease.
She has never received a WTA singles title, but has won the Australian Open twice.
doubles titles with Martina Hingis.

It was reported that in 2010, Anna became a US citizen.