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Zoya Belkin was born on May 3, 1993 in Toronto, Canada. Zoe Belkin has
extremely adoring and tenacious guardians who helped her get into acting
field … Famous Canadian artist Zoe Belkin has grown a lot
thanks for her amazing work on films and TV shows such as
Breaking News, Perfect Sisters, Carrie and Heaven is the Limit.
Zoe Belkin lived most of her youth in Canada. Zoe
Belkin began her film career in 2012 as a character.
Charlene in The Luke Story. In 2013, Zoya
Belkin went on to appear in the film, Carrie as Tina. After
year Zoe Belkin got the role of the character Ashley in the film,
Ideal sisters. Zoe Belkin eventually continued to appear in
The movie ‘Kiss’ and ‘Cry and Darken’ in 2017.

Zoe Belkin will soon appear in the next generation, Isabelle as
character Isabel Beltway. Zoya Belkina began her television career in 2007.
in The Latest Buzz as Rebecca Harper. Zoya Belkina appeared at 67
scenes of the series. At that time in 2009, Zoya Belkin appeared in
TV series Flashpoint as Gina. A year later, Zoya Belkina appeared in
TV series, Aaron Stone as Megan … Zoya Belkina additionally showed
in the film, Blue’s Rookie as Brianna. Zoe Belkin is also called
got the role of Teresa Zankanelli’s character in Breakthrough Kings. Zoe
Belkin has a huge following for her exceptional work at Degrassi:
The next generation as Athena. Around the same time, Zoe started playing the role
TV movie Salem Falls as Chelsea. Her TV vocation is up to
The date was unusual and paved the way for tremendous achievements.

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