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Maggie Corey was born on August 10, 1999.
professional ice hockey player from Mounds View, Minnesota, USA.
America. Maggie Corey is a freshman goalkeeper who plays for the Ohio State Football Club.
Women’s ice hockey team. Maggie Corey is 5’6 ” … During 2016-2017
Maggie Corey has played for the Madison Capitals U-19 team and has played over thirty.
five matches, among which Maggie Corey scored a record score of 21-11-3,
thereby making more than eight hundred saves and carrying out seven lockouts,
along with an extraordinary retention percentile of 0.915. Later that year
In 2017, Maggie Corey competed in the US Hockey Championship in the Capitals and had
made more than forty saves, twice during 2016-2017.

In addition to this, Maggie Corey is currently the Buckeyes’ goalkeeper.
and this alleged possibility is sufficient evidence that Maggie Corey
skills and craftsmanship are on par with professional standards when it comes to
first-class hockey player … Maggie Corey’s unsurpassed physique and amazing
adorable body is palpable enough to make her quite fit and agile
the athlete she is, in addition to taking the Internet by storm with more than
thirty thousand followers on Instagram.

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