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Lindsay Felton was born in Seattle, Washington and is an actress.
best known for his role as Caitlyn Seeger in Caitlyn’s Way and
Anna Morgan in Anna’s Dream. She began participating in television commercials.
when she was only 3 years old … Her first major television appearance was in 1994.
ABC sitcom Thunder Alley, where she played Edward’s granddaughter
Asner’s character. Her feature-length debut was in the 1998 martial arts film 3.
Ninja: Exactly at noon on Mega Mountain. For Felton came her first major role
her as Caitlyn Seeger on the Nickelodeon series Caitlyn’s Way,
for 52 episodes in a row. Felton received several offers to star in
many independent films released on television or video, including a short film
Size ‘EmUp, PAX-TV film Anne’s Dream and live video release
Subway chase. She also appeared in the feature film Grind as Denise.
Jenson and Emergency. Episode 273 – Heart of Matter als Donna Palsey … She has
also starred in the hit independent film Two Stars of the State of Mind.
VH1’s reality show Scream Queen, where she dropped out of the finals.
episode and finished in third place.

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