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Stewart was born in Edinburgh, Scotland to American guardians. In the footsteps
with a little energy in America, she prepared at the Central School of Speech.
and drama made London home. Stewart has dual citizenship
Great Britain … and the USA

Currently based in Twickenham; she is married to artist Aden Gillett.
They have two young people, a child Sam and a girl India. She was later involved
with artist Mark Pauli. She had a medical procedure for breast cancer
in 2011 and advocates for goals that grab attention and combat

On television, she has appeared in projects such as Taggart in 1992 as Alison.
Bane, TV personality who appeared alongside Mark McManus in Ring of Deception,
Stewart took over as Jenny’s creation assistant in the previous
arranged by Drop the Dead Donkey. In the fifth scene of the second
Arranged by Dr. Finley, she played the role of Jean Geddy.

She also appeared in the solo scene of the popular BBC parody Men Misbehaving as
companion of Deborah, in the location of the Awakening of the Dead, Towers of Silence,
and Hattie Wayntropp Explores Arrangement 3, Helping Hansi (1998) … Sarah
played the Nottingham Sheriff’s sister Davina in Sister Hood, the opening
scene from season 2 of Robin Hood (2007). Her last job was the role of Stella in
hit of 2005 with TV arrangement, Sugar Rush, and as Gaynor’s character in a scene from
BBC shows Ashes to Ashes.

In 2018, she appeared as Professor Arian Cornell in a scene from the TV series Accident. AND
Connie Beauchamp’s partner, Cornell, is associated with the elimination
malignant tumor from her heart and saving her life. Later Stewart appeared
as Cornell in two scenes of Holby City. She played Mel Hollis in arrangement 3.
Unforgettable ITV. In 2020, she appeared in scene 3.3.
BBC TV Shakespeare and Hathaway location: Privat

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