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a character who kills villains in order to transfer their souls to his master, Satan.
This special character was created by writer George Captain and artist Harry.
Sahle and is not related to the Marvel character, Black Widow. She is the first
featured in the Golden Age of Comics, appearing five times, all written
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She was introduced as Madame Claire Voyan in the strangest and most
frightening character of the comic world. She appeared in the full-length
stories from the series ‘Twelve’, written by J. Michael Strazhinski in 2008.
Twelve, she became a Black Widow after killing her sister. it
wants to avenge the death of evil forces, to which he replied
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She got a unique character who shows no hesitation or mercy when
comes to killing his victims. However, it is not yet clear what this
her behavior is natural or resurrected Satan. Nowadays
Apparently, she is not so ruthless, and after the murder she is shown crying. IN
The advent of the Golden Age, she shows compassion for the innocent victims of evil and
even uses his powers to protect and heal them. During her brief appearances in
Golden Age, she wore completely different costumes with three different hairs.
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She is one of the first super-powered female characters to wear Mystic costumes.
Comics. Before becoming a Black Widow, she had
unreal power of communication with the spirits of the dead. She was
bestowed supernatural powers by Satan, who resurrected her to collect souls
villains for their master. She can plant suggestions in the minds of others.
and can mystically regenerate or heal others. She has the power of the touch of death
allowing her to kill anyone with a touch. Black Widow (Claire Voyant) Nipples
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