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Stevie McCord in the CBS drama Madame Secretary. Wallis Curry was born
December 12, 1991 in Austin, Texas. Wallis Curry-Wood Nude Photos
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Wallis Curry-Wood had a background in acting before joining the Juilliard School.
in Austin, Texas. She also studied violin at the University of Stringed Instruments.
project and Austin Chamber Music Academy. Wallis Curry-Wood nude pictures
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During her studies at Juilliard, she worked as an entertainer in productions such as The
The Cherry Orchard, Twelfth Night and the Buried Child … Wallis Curry Wood pussy
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After Juilliard, Curry Wood had a character in the Anne Hathaway-Robert novel.
De Niro is a Satire Trainee and portrayed by Stephanie Stevie McCord on Madame
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Since 2014, Curry Wood has had an affair with Juilliard’s classmate, an actor.
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