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musician. Early in her career in 1977, she was involved in music as a drummer.
in Germs, a punk rock band. Later, after she played music in the group, she
decided to create my own group. Carlisle and his friends started Go-Go’s, but
the band was very soon replaced by new musicians who were new to music
plays professionally. All members of the group, that is, five of them, were
women. It was America’s first girl group, and it gradually came to light that
become America’s favorite band. Belinda Carlisle Nude
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The Beauty and the beat was the first album released by almost every Go-Go.
a hit song and then two more albums were released by the group in 1984.
Later in 1985, she began pursuing a solo singing career. … Belinda was her
first solo song, released in 1986, the song was a success in
North America, Mad about you is another song to reach # 3 in the US.
music list. Her music has also influenced Hollywood, Belinda has also had an impact.
participated in the creation of soundtracks for Hollywood films. Heaven’s only song is
place on earth climbed to the top of the charts in the US and UK. Second
The 1990 single reached 30th place on the US and UK music list.
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While she was in her band, she also played Swing Shift in 1984.
the group did not last long, and they decided to sing solo from 1985, when
leaving her band to get to know her music and singing … Until 1994
Belinda worked on her music and wrote songs, later, in 1994, the group Go-
Go’s formed a group with their second album and the third album was
released in 2001. Her last album was in 2017, it was about Gurmukhi.
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Belinda Carlisle was born on August 17, 1958 and entered the top 100.
artists, she is married to Morgan Mason, and they have a child. Belinda
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