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Lady Wanda Jimenez, also known as Chilli Jimenez, is a leading YouTuber.
Which is currently associated with gamer Logan Thirtyacre. She is known for portraying
different characters in her better half on YouTube. Although she
initially rose to prominence due to her relationship with Logan
Thirty acres, she eventually made a name for herself on YouTube.
Peace … In addition to appearing on her best half records, she also
runs the Chilly vlogging channel, featuring daily videos.
blogs and paired posts. An intelligent and warm woman, Jimenez loves to propose
her regular stories for the outside world to awaken and interest her observers. it
has an amazing penchant for comedy and loves to make others giggle. It
a keen computer gamer who loves to explore different possibilities
new characters and play a variety of games. Jimenez is a great video blogger
also gathered more than a million fans on her channel. Discussing
She is a sweet, humble and charming person by nature.

Chilly Jimenez was conceived on September 28, 1995 in the United States to
Wanda and Minelli. She has two brothers and sisters named Julian and Tito.

She also has a YouTube speaking channel. This channel called Chilly
was set in motion by Jimenez on April 15, 2008 … She started with pet records in
which she singled out her little kitty. She soon started vlogging.
next to her significant other, Logan. The couple’s first video together was
published January 4, 2014 as New York City Vacation. March 8
In 2017, Jimenez was distributing a video blog and in the background he turned into
moment of achievement. This was followed by another similar video called
“Destroyed our couch” in the background, which became overly effective.

In April 2017, Jimenez released a stunt video. Video depended on
a vacation theme, and she has gone on to garner a moderate amount of prospects.
The American YouTuber continued to publish new and inspiring posts in
end, became known on YouTube. At the moment she figured out how to win
over 1.4 million endorsers.

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