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Seainin Brennan is one of the most productive on screen in Northern Ireland.
symbols … Stand both on stage and on screen, she trained it at the University of Guildford.
School of Acting in Surrey and thus at the Irish Film Actors Studios.

Seaynin Brennan is best known onscreen for her leap forward in
BBC’s hidden primetime dramatization – job that called her a Woman
A year in art for her portrayal of Philippe Glenister’s beloved Francis.

Seainin Brennan also plays Liz Tyler on the popular BBC show The
Fall, next to Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson. Set Out To Be Wild means
Seainin Brennan’s film presentation work and can be found in films in
Great Britain and Ireland in 2016.

Seainin Brennan plays Dr. Haki Finch in the new rom-com co-ordinated by
Vivienne de Courcy, which is based on an authentic anecdote about Mary Reynolds –
top Irish winner of the Chelsea Flower Show … In 2015
Girona’s arrival is coordinated by Paul McGuigan, in which John Hannah plays
Hart and Seainin Brennan as Sophie.

Seainin Brennan is an Irish screen character whose huge breakthrough came in
2011 when she was named Woman of the Year in the Arts for her performance as Frances.
in the mini-series Hidden. In 2013, she was given the role of Liz Tyler in
arranged by The Fall. Seainin Brennan prepared at Guildford School
Operates in Surrey on a par with the Irish Film Actors Studio.

Seaynin Brennan was the narrator of the 2014 story The True North.
Children’s hospice. Seainin Brennan married Ben Featherston in 2015.
Brennan co-starred with Gillian Anderson in The Fall.

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