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singers known for their roles in the television series ‘My Fair Princess’.
She has worked with the Huayi brothers and starred with them in several famous Chinese films.
TV serials. She continued to act in films and later launched her own
a production company under the Fan Bingbing Studio brand. She became
Head of the Web Films Group producing TV series, and
took the position of school director.

She has served as a jury for several entertainment shows and has participated
in the reality show ‘Alliance of Aspirants’. She headed Forbes Chine.
List of celebrities ‘and took first place in the list of’ 50 most beautiful people in
China’. She is a co-founder of Heart Ali to help.
Tibetan children with congenital heart disease … She has a big
followed fans on social media and donated huge sums to charity
from her earnings.

Fan Bingbin, 38 years old, was born on September 16, 1981 in Qingdao, Shandong, China. it
after completing his degree, he continued to study theater at the Shanghai Theater Academy.
from Shanghai Film and Television College Xie Jin. She got positive
reviews and attracted a huge following after appearing on major support
role in the television series ‘My Fair Princess’.

She signed a six-year contract with the Huayi Brothers, with whom she performed in
a series of Chinese TV series ‘Proud Twins’, ‘Red Poppies’ and ‘Young Justice’
Bao II ‘. She won the Forbes China Star of the Year Award for her first album.
named ‘Just Begun’ in 2005. At the 1st China International Film Festival
In London in 2013, she was recognized as the most influential Chinese actress.
Abroad. She recently got engaged to Chinese actor Li Chen.