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She was born in 1999 in Toronto and has her debut television appearance.
was on the hill of one tree. It was when she was only six years old and she
showed incredible performance. Then she got a role in
year, 2008 in the show, Army Wives.

Natalie Aline Lind then starred in many films, as well as in several television series.
in 2010, including Flashpoint (Alexis Sobol), iCarly
TV series (Bree) and criminal thoughts (Kayla Bennett) in Safe Haven episode
as a guest star. In the film ‘November Christmas’ the actress played
the role of the pirate … From 2011 to 2012, the actress was
featured in The Wizards of Waverly Place as the character, Marisa and
Rendezvous for the role of Olive Valentine.

Natalie Aline Lind is the first daughter of Barbara Aline Woods and John Lind.
Her mother is an actress and it was with her that the actress made her
first appearance in One Tree Hill. The father of the actress is a producer and
Natalie Aline Lind’s sister Emily Aline Lind is an actress.

Natalie Aline Lindh got her first hiatus in 2013 and that’s when
she got the role of the character, Dana Caldwell in Goldbergs. it
also starred in Dear Dumb Diary and played the role of Claire Vanderheed.

By 2014, Natalie Aline Lind played in Mockingbird and she played
the role of Friend of Jacob # 4. Then the actress got a role in the second season of the series.
Gotham City for almost seven episodes as Silver St. Cloud. The actress also
appeared as a guest in Murder in the First as a character, Daisy in
episode titled State of the Union in 2015 … She also appeared as a guest at
‘Chicago Fire’ as a character, Laurel in an episode; Nobody else dies

By 2017, she began appearing in an episode titled Zombie.
Knows the character better, Winslow Sutcliffe in iZombie and by March
Natalie Aline Lindh got a big role in ‘The Gifted’ as Lauren.
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