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Ida Christine Nielsen, also known as Ida Nielsen, is a Danish composer and bass player.
player as well as vocalist. She is also known by names like Bass.
Ida and Ida Funkhauser … Born in 1975, she began to love and play
guitar from the age of 16, and also studied electric bass in the specialty with
Royal Danish Academy of Music.

She is well known for being in bands like Zap mama, Michel Loves to.
rock, a new generation of energy together with the girl 3rdeye. In 2008
She debuted in her solo career with the song Marmalade. She was
key member of the new generation of energy in 2010 as bass
guitarist until the death of Prince Prince of the band’s main star, in 2016.

In 2014, she released her second single titled Sometimes
girl needs sugar too, and in 2016 she released an album, turn it on, in
memory of the prince.

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