31 Sexy Asuka GIFs Will Make You Gasp

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During the signing of their Raw Women’s Championship match in
Royal, Rumble Asuka stunned everyone by spewing a green mist right into
Becky’s eye. Screaming in pain, Lynch demanded a microphone and cut off
a passionate promo that she needs to defeat Asuka. WWE Official Handle
wrote an ugly brawl with a caption that Lynch wants revenge on Asuka
after the devastating green mist.

Asuka was born as Kanako Urai on September 26, 1981 in Osaka, Japan. it
graduated from the College of Arts, Osaka University. She was very
was interested in badminton and figure skating before wrestling … In AtoZ
In June 2004, she started her professional wrestling career as Cana.
She has worked for several promotions such as JWP Joshi Puroresu, NEO Japan Ladies.
Pro-Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Wave, Reina Joshi Puroresu, Smash and Wrestling
New Classic (WNC).

Throughout her career to date, she has won numerous championships such as the JWP.
Open Weight, NEO Tag Team Championship, Reina Women’s World Championship
Championship, Smash Diva Championship and Wave Tag Team Championship. It
first Japanese female wrestler to sign a wrestling contract with WWE in
over 20 years. She also holds the record for the longest reign
NXT Women’s Champion title for 510 days. At the NXT Year-End Award, she was
twice selected as the participant of the year (2016, 2017) and once
Absolute participant of the year in 2017.

She holds the prestigious record for longest undefeated streak in WWE.
history for 914 days. She won the first match of the women’s battle royale. … it
topped the annual list of 50 PWI women among Japanese wrestlers. She is fighting
under various ring names such as Kana, Kana-hime, Asuka Huyaska, Princess Kana,
Ramen Woman, Cherepovets Kana, Tomoe Gozen. Besides the struggle, she has
also worked as a graphic designer and video game journalist.