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Sindel is the benevolent ruler of the kingdom of Edenia along with her daughter,
Princess Kitana. Despite her grim Gothic appearance, Sindel’s powers
have an inner, unearthly nature. She is an elderly, mature character with long
loose gray hair and a regal attitude in keeping with her status as Queen of Edenia.
She can easily manipulate sound waves and lift them into the air using magic.

Her creator Ed Boone described her as a complex character, since she is not one of them.
main characters, but was involved in most of the game. Her rule
many other rulers persecuted Edenia, such as Shinnok, Shao Kahn and
Onaga … Sindel was once an evil character, but over time has become
benevolent ruler.

As an Eden, Sindel has many mystical powers and her trademark.
Forces are her ultrasonic ultra-loud cry. The scream ranges from audible
Explodes in a furious sonic wave that can explode the enemy’s skin. She can
muffle your scream to paralyze your opponent. She can use her tenacious hair like
throw and finisher, where it can grow to a very long length and wrap around
yourself around your opponent. She can also levitate and uses this to dodge enemies.
attacks and simultaneously deals damage.

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