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British actress was born in England under the name Tahira Amandla Sharif. She made her
debut with the short film ‘FILM 4’. In 2012, Sharif appeared in every scene
BBC dramatization, One Night as Madison … Then they saw her again
directed by ITV Whitechapel as Chantal Essian.

In the same year, Sharif played Esther Adams in the production of Luna.
Rainbow shawl at the National Theater and as Dunyazade in Arabian Nights
Theater Tricycle. At this point, Sharif appeared in her first component.
the film ‘The Invisible Woman as Rose’ featuring Ralph Fiennes and
Felicity Jones.

In 2013, Sharif got the role of high school student Martin Ashford,
Ella in Accident. Ella was accused of ‘devilish’, genuine incitement and
decided to spoil Ash. ‘ Sharif’s first scenes were released on May 4, 2013, and
A year later, on May 17, 2014, Sharif’s last programs went on the air.

When she completed Accident, Sharif reprized her role as Esther Adams.
staged Moon on a rainbow shawl for a public visit to the UK. Sharif
featured in the last ten scenes of Waterloo’s multi-year high school show
Road as Carrie Norton’s stunt double in 2015 … That same year at Hampstead
At the theater, Sharif performed the role of Katy in The Firebird. The performance was effective
to the point that in 2016 he moved to the West End Theater of Trafalgar Studios.

In 2017, Sharif landed the role of Melissa in the Netflix film The Christmas Prince.
extremely useful attack on random movies. There were two more films
as the main film showcased the unimaginable mainstream. Christmas Prince:
The Royal Wedding and the Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Delivered to Netflix
in 2018 and 2019 separately.

Sharif has also featured as Rebecca Jessel in Netflix’s Treasure trove of horror.
arranged by The Haunting of Bly Manor, which was delivered in October 2020.
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