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seasons, and one of the stars is not at all happy with this decision. When
the news that this series is coming to an end, Bojana Novakovic, playing
the role of NYPD detective Elizabeth sparked a pretty hot message
about this decision. Bojana Novakovic also thanked her peers during the broadcast.
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Bojana Novakovic is a Serbian Australian actress known for her
role in a TV series called Instinct. Boyana Novakovic is also well known
her performances in films such as The Devil. She starred with Keanu Reeves and
Adelaide Clemens in a drama called Generation Um. She is popular for her
role in Edge of Darkness as well as Shameless … 2008 Boyana Novakovic
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She has also received three Green Room nominations, including Best Production. From
2010 Bojana Novakovic was nominated by AFI for the International Award for
best actress. This was due to her role in Edge of Darkness. Boyana Novakovic
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