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Natalie Morales was born on February 15, 1985 and is very
famous American actress. Natalie Morales starred in the series
Mediator, and she also starred in the first season of White.
Collar … In 2010 Natalie Morales appeared in
films, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps; and In the Distance. Natalie
Morales starred in the comedy series ‘The Grinder’ and also
Recurring role on an NBC show known as Parks and Recreation. Natalie
Morales was also a guest on the CSI series: Miami of the year.
2006, and Natalie Morales starred in the movie ‘Pump My Ride’. Natalie Morales debut
the main role was in The Broker, and this is a sci-fi drama in which
aired on ABC Family channel. Natalie Morales played Wendy Watson, and
The series was adapted from The Broker comic. Natalie Morales
starred and executive produced the web series known as
Those who quit.

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