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public recognition after her role in Mein Leben & Inch. Beautiful actress
Volke Hegenbart recently shared a snap on Instagram with her family.
for the first time about her recent vacation in South Africa. Together with her
I also posted a photo of breastfeeding, this is how she protected everything
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Volke Hegenbart was born on May 6, 1980 in Meer Busch, North.
Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. She is also known as Cloud, which is why her father
fought successfully to get her this name. Volke herself told me that she
confessed that some of her outstanding qualities are associated with this name. In a very young
she began to study ballet. In 1999 she graduated from abitur. … Wolke
Hegenbart married a South African named Justin Brian, with whom she
completed an internship in 1999. They divorced in 2012. Wolke Hegenbart
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I used to want to become a makeup artist. Volke Hegenbart was discovered in
at a very young age in 1995 and began her career performing in Die
Camper. After she starred in the television series, she became addicted to
acts gradually. The following year she appeared at the Schlosshotel Orth. Volke was
seen in three episodes of Die Anrheiner. In 2000, Volke appeared in the episode
called Quarantine at Drekreuz Airport. The next year she did a wonderful
performance in the episode Mord auf Bestellung in Der Alte … Some of
her popular TV series – Cologne P.D in 2002, SOKO 5113 in 2003,
Tramitz and Friends in 2004 and Alarm fur Cobra 11 in 2010. Some of her recent
The series are Boomerang Marchenstunde and Stuttgart Homicide. Wolke Hegenbart
is currently a sponsor of World Vision International for two children and she
also supports the Trots AIDS campaign. Wolke Hegenbarth nipples are perky
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