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Monica Rambeau grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was small
the girlfriend of Maria Rambeau – a skilled needleworker and Frank Rambeau – a firefighter.
She worked as a lieutenant on the New Orleans Port Patrol. … Fate has come true
on her once when she gained super strength after the shelling
extradimensional life force delivered by a life force destroyer made
forensic researcher … Spectrum was viewed as an alpha level threat
Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Tony Stark.

Due to the attack of super-dimensional energies, Monica can change herself
into any type of vitality within the electromagnetic spectrum. Among
numerous structures of vitality that she expected and can control are gamma
rays, x-rays, bright radiation, noticeable light, power, infrared radiation,
microwaves and radio waves. Apparently she was practicing this change.
intellectually directing the matter of his body into a dimension from which
she draws her life force and replaces it with a comparative measure
viability . Her psyche remains in dimension to control the vitality package.
which replaced her body.

While waiting for the structure of vitality, it increases all this
vitality properties. Monica is clearly limitless in terms of time, which
she can stay in her life structure … Obviously she might just change herself
into each frequency of the life force in turn, but it can pass from one
state of vitality and others in a small fraction of a second. As noted above,
limitation of the vitality that she can transmit through her body at a given
time is unknown. Wide variation in vitality and control can be really burdensome
as soon as she returns to her physical structure.

Blue Marvel has alluded to the fact that while it takes on a hard light, it seems
like the human structure, it does not handle tangible assemblies like normal
be more. Her cognition maintains gross human abilities, allowing her
understand what exactly she sees, hears or feels, and
the interpretation of this to something that her physiology perceives. To this extent
she is also attentive when something is wrong with
The universe too, seeing prophetic dreams of a pen around the universe … Monica can
use your office above light to raise her vitality and change her appearance,
and obviously look like others. However, when she does, she
doesn’t actually change her physical form and she won’t be able to copy them

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