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Plages, a modest village on the shores of the Mediterranean. Her
dad Bernard, an Italian, worked at the shipyard, and mom Teresa,
Armenian, worked as a leader. From a father who preferred the show
Helene developed a penchant for singing.

After her parents separated in 1979, Helen, 8, remained
I live with my mother, but there were many controversial circumstances. Theresa
did not share the goal of her little girl to become a vocalist. in
in the future, she will see her little girl working in government.

Be that as it may, Helen announced to her mother that she would sing. At eleven she
participated in the test she won by singing the melody L’amouren
legacy of Nana Muskuri. Vershina saw a future star in Helene and said:
this is her family.

Be that as it may, the thought did not bother them, because, Helen, how they
the suspect was too young to even think about starting a profession
vocalist … At the age of 14, Helen left her mother’s house and moved in with her father. In a year
she dropped out of school and started singing in bars, eateries and clubs
Cote d’Azur.

Her collection contains 1200 French and Anglo-Saxon tunes. In 1993, Helen
performed her only melody, but the melody was not fruitful. In 1996 g.
Helene decided to leave the Cote d’Azur and move to Paris to
a genuine opportunity to achieve more in your calling.

Helene could not adapt to her new life in the capital. She came
back south, but a couple of seconds after she left
South again. After some tweaking in various studios, she met
Fabrizio Salvadori, who introduced her to Orlando (sibling and creator
Delilah), who was truly intrigued by Helen’s voice. He decided to help Helen.