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her beauty, skills and professional life, now we want to give you a ride
via Torrey Wilson’s bikini photo gallery. This carefully curated image gallery will be
Showcase some of the sexiest bikini Torrey Wilson photos that will make you
fall in love with her. Torrie Wilson was born on July 24, 1975.
and she is a very famous, American fitness athlete, model, former
professional wrestler and actress. Torrie Wilson is well known for her
career in World Wrestling Championship as well as World Wrestling

The wrestler was born in Boise, and Torrie Wilson argued that when
she grew up, was very shy as a child … Wrestler
found its niche in various school activities such as dancing, cheerleading and
she was also very competitive in athletics.

Second year wrestler in high school, after Torrey Wilson.
interest in modeling became much more serious, her mother
motivated her to go and pursue this career.

They then visited one agency and were informed that the wrestler
To really qualify for this job, you need to lose a lot of weight. While
she began to lose weight, Torrie Wilson also suffered from anorexia nervosa
as well as bulimia, which ended when she was 20 years old.

When she was in fitness, she earned herself the Miss Galaxy title.
competition in 1999. After that she was signed
World Wrestling Championships and she has stayed there since 1999.
before 2001

By 2001, Torrie Wilson began appearing at the World Wrestling Federation.
as part of The Invasion storyline … Loudest story of Torrey Wilson
happened in 2003 when she fought Don Marie. She had
was part of a women’s stable called ‘Vince’s Devils’ which ended
run in 2006.

In addition to professional wrestling, Torrey Wilson was on the cover
many magazines such as Playboy and FHM.

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