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Phantom Girl is currently appearing in the ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes series.
after rebooting DC Universe with the new 52 … She was previously selected
serve as the next leader of the Legion of Superheroes. Tigna Vazzo was
was born in the 30th century on the extradimensional planet Bgztl. Until his
people have the right to pass through walls and other solid objects at will, she
was the only partner of his race capable of fully passing through
Phantom zone and to the Earth, which has a common spatial area with Bgztl. After
death of her father and disagreements with her mother
to escape and found him on the news release of the newly formed Super- Legion

Tigna evacuated her mother Vinem and brother Gimu and secretly drove herself
to the Earth with all its savings. After that, Tigna influenced the Legion.
showing them how easily their defenses can break the phantom and
begging them to put her in office. Soon they made a component from it and gave
codename Phantom Girl. Phantom Girl was created in 1961 by artist Jim Mooney.
and writer Jerry Siegel … She was the second character to be recruited
The Legion of Superheroes follows the three founding members, making her
the third female member of the Legion and its fifth member overall.

Phantom Girl can become intangible, partially or completely changing her existence.
into an extradimensional space known as the Phantom Zone. With full phasing
outside of reality, Tinya has the right to enter the Phantom Zone at will.
She has also demonstrated the ability to draw people into the phantom zone using
her. Tinya is the only member of her race recognized as capable of phase
all the way through the Phantom Zone to Earth that divides
extradimensional space with her home planet Bgztl. While the Phantom
The girl is protected from physical damage, can manipulate hard objects and
soar in zero gravity like a ghost under her dominion … The ghost girl is an example
the ability to phase with a fraction of a second, as well as the ability to phase
selectively defined parts of her body, feats that very few bgztlians can achieve.

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