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Daisy Mae Keely Coburn is a British musician and composer. She was born
October 27, 1993 in the UK. She previously performed under the stage name
Daisy Dares You, a reference to a character with an exact name from the 1990s
British TV show ZZZap!.

After working under this name between 2009 and 2010 and recording
an album that was never released, her record label rejected her … As of
In 2013, she plays in the Pink Lizards in Brighton, where she plays the violin.
guitar and lead musician. Since 2015 has performed and
releases music in his Brighton band Clever Thing.

Before Daisy was approved, she herself wrote songs on the guitar. For
her debut album, she co-wrote many tracks with her mother’s friend Matthew
Marston. Most of her music is about her own experiences, for example, about guys,
sibling rivalry, disloyal school friends, and emotional growing pains. Immediate
from the house of music and poetry reading supported Daisy in her

Daisy’s music genres range from teen pop to pop rock, pop and electropop.

Rush is Daisy Dares You’s planned debut studio album due out.
will be released in June 2010, single Rosie released in May 2010. … IN
the album was never released.

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