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Bella Thorne is a very famous and talented actress and singer.
Bella Thorne’s full name is Annabella Avery Thorne. Bella Thorne was born
October 8, 1997. She was born in Pembroke Pines and Bella.
Thorne’s parents are Tamara and DeLancy Thorn. Bella Thorne has 3 brothers and sisters
and they are all actors. Bella Thorne’s father was of Cuban descent and Bella
Thorn is of Irish, Italian, Welsh, Welsh, German and English descent. Bella
Thorne worked as an actress to financially support her family.

Bella Tron began her career as a child. … Bella Tron had
played the role of the character Ruthie Spivey in the TV show My Own
Worst enemy … Bella Tron then became famous for her role
character, Cece Jones in a Disney Channel show called Shake It Up with
actress Zendaya. Bella Tron played the role of Hillary in Blended
and starred as Madison in DAFF. Bella Tron played Amanda in Perfect
Tall as well as Holly in You get me. The actress played the role of Allison.
in the Nyana.

Bella Tron now plays the role of Paige in Famous Lovers.
Bella Tron was dyslexic in first grade, and Bella
Throne was homeschooled and she spoke Spanish as well.

Bella Tron improved her learning ability by visiting Sylvan.
Learning center and she started reading and writing for the next class.
Bella Tron slowly overcame her dyslexia and Bella Tron said that
the actress worked very hard and read almost everything she could find.

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