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Alex Benedetto, aka Areccus Benedetto, is a former sex worker who is currently
replaces Benria’s secretary alongside Vorik Arkanelo and Nicholas
Brown … Alex Benedetto is a low maintenance artist at Bastard,
the club is in demand and is run by the Cristiano family. Alex Benedetto is charming
a young lady with long dark hair in contact with the middle of the back, blue eyes and a rich
darker skin. Alex Benedetto has the god-blessed suggestion that
a huge number of ladies in the series are jealous; her breasts were the main
thing Vorik noticed. When Alex Benedetto was a sex worker, she
clothing mainly consists of small skirts, dark or white
dresses along with basic dark heels with every outfit. How Alex Benedetto worked
for Benria, she wears denim shorts or dresses. Among the fees for
Cristiano Alex Benedetto’s family wears a white dress. Alex Benedetto
calm, but after Vorick and Nicholas accept her, she begins to speak
more for myself … Alexa Benedetto is responsive, considerate, and behaves like an elder
brother or sister or protective figure for certain individuals.

Alex Benedetto also looked brave and daring, ready for defense.
put yourself on the path of injury to make sure the ones she thinks about. In Alex
Benedetto’s first appearance: she lies on the ground under Barry, who
considering her a profit as a prostitute. Unsatisfied with the lady’s activities, he
sends her away for extra money before undermining and insulting her.
Ignoring her, Nicholas watches her from the window. Like Alex
Benedetto was asked to find more clients at Joel’s nearby house.
partner. With a dry nose after being hit by his client Alex.
Benedetto gradually moves towards the main road. Grandma advises her to get
lost because her business affects her own. Alex Benedetto reaches base
the stairs of the road while Vorick recognizes her huge tits … Nicholas
not as intrigued as his accomplice, but at the same time tosses a napkin at
her. When it occurs to her, Alex Benedetto looks up, but Benria
effectively left. Alex Benedetto continues his day with more clients
and make more money.

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