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Taro, the warrior witch, and her family, allies and enthusiasts. Comic
mainly focuses on sci-fi action and adventure movies written and drawn by Jim Balent.
with a coloring and lettering by Holly Golightly, published by Broadsword
Comics since 1999. The Tarot story is backed up by an interview with
real witches and Wiccan practitioners. Black Rose Nude Witch
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Witches use different ways to gain supernatural powers by reading the tarot,
divination, ceremonial magic and the manipulation of mystical powers. The Wiccan Gods Appear
only infrequently and always in surreal and mystical forms, as they are
antagonistic to religious intolerance. Creatures from mythology like dragons
fairies, elves and gorgons are quite real, but they exist only in the magic
measurements and believe that magical creatures must unite to destroy
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Among the main characters present are Tarot, Raven Hex and John Webb.
Crypt Chicken, Cat Cat, Licorice Dust and Mother support
symbols. Originally called Rowan, Tarot protects her family and her
craft, however, she is not the best witch, but still attentive and capable enough
and spell and sword. Taro lives with his mother and sister Raven
Hex and even refuses to marry because of the danger her position poses to
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She was given the title and responsibility of the Maiden of the Sword to the Goddess.
after going through a series of tests, giving her a glimpse of
important events, warnings and communications with her loved ones, despite
distance. Tarot is appointed by the gods to protect humanity from threats and
threats such as against the dragon witch, sorcerers and terrorists. Tarot has
two lovers, John Webb and Boo Cat, and a familiar winged cat named Pooka.
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