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the world’s best-selling artists. She is a popular Australian actress, singer,
dancer, activist and entrepreneur. Olivia’s two longtime friends recently
Newton and Elton John were happy to be in each other’s company.
Melbourne in February 2020. Elton and Olivia – Prostate and Breast Cancer.
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Olivia Newton-John was born on September 26, 1948 in Cambridge.
in England. She is the daughter of Irene Helen and Welshman Brinley Newton.
John. Nobel laureate Max Born is Olivia’s maternal grandfather.
Olivia is a distant relative of the famous comedian Ben Elton. Olivia’s father was
previously served at MI5 and later was the principal of Cambridge High School.
She attended Christ Church High School and later High School.
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Olivia Newton-John has been in a relationship quite a few times. She was
engaged to producer and writer Bruce Welch, but never married. Later in 1973.
she started dating Lee Kramer, and in 1984 married Matt Lattanzi, however
the two got divorced. In 2008, she married John Easterling in Peru. Formerly Olivia
misdiagnosed sciatica and contracted cancer again in 2017 and is currently
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Olivia began her career at age 12 with the girl group Sol Four.
often in a coffee shop. She appeared on The Go Show and participated in
a competition called ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ in 1960. Later in 1974 she took part in
Eurovision Song Contest performs the Long Live Love song representing
GREAT BRITAIN. Ultimately, Olivia’s Country’s success sparked controversy among purists.
equates to the artists of Nashville. Olivia sang vocals on the single Fly Away by
John Denver and her single Let It Shine took first place
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