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Blackfire is the older evil sister of Starfire and Darkfire. Komand’r is
former child of the Tamaran royal family. She is the main princess, born in
100 years and as such has been showered with gifts, honors, and privileges … On
On the Commander’s birthday, the Citadel Empire attacked western Tamaran
and killed 3,000 citizens on her behalf. Although she was not to blame for anything,
Komand’r is forever linked to that terrible day. She was also
a cripple in childhood with an illness that made her unable to absorb
ultraviolet radiation, allowing her to fly, like most Tamarians.

Tamaran’s subjects hate her because of her gloomy disposition. Even though
she is the oldest and first in line, she is refused
the birthright to be the next princess of Tamaran to maintain respect and
the prestige of the royal family. Her privileges, awards, royal style and
confidence carries over to her younger sister Coriander. Commander’ra
the competition intensifies when she and her siblings are sent to military training
with the generals of Okarrara. The Commander’s true emotions are jeopardized when
tried to kill her sister Coriander while sparring … She is banished
Warlords and Commanders join the Citadel, vowing revenge. She quickly
climbs the ranks to become a warrior against his planet.

The Commander later betrays his planet, giving the Citadel detailed information.
about the Tamaran defense. The Citadel easily conquers Tamaran, and
The contract of surrender includes the enslavement of Coriander. The commander made her
sister’s master and makes the most of her bondage over the years
horrible torture and slavery. When Coriander kills one of his rapists,
The commander condemns her to execution, although they are captured by the Psions.
before it happens.

Captured by the Psions, both the Commander’r and Coriander’r experiment with
to see how much energy their Tamaranean bodies can absorb before they explode
overload. During the procedure, the Commander’s forces attack Psion.
ship to save her … When the psions are distracted, Coriander retreats using
star lightning, harmful explosions of solar energy that were the result of
experimentation. Coriander, even after everything her sister has done to her, decides
free the Commander, who is still consuming experimental energy. Once
The Commander is released, and she strikes her sister with more powerful Starlightning.
than Coriander’s own. It also restores the ability to fly. Then she has her
sister is detained for later execution.

In the new 52 restarts, the Blackfire ancestors have barely changed. it
was never disinherited by her parents as in the 2015 TV series Starfire
Coriander mentions that the Commander became the ruler of Tamaran when their
parents were killed during the invasion … Then Blackfire is forced to make peace
the pact with the invaders under which Coriander was exiled
from Tamaran and enslaved (change from the pre-crisis storyline in which
their father Myand’r made a peace treaty). Coriander and
It is also shown that the Commander was closer in childhood than in the previous
continuity, where their relationship is almost always depicted as

Blackfire was developed by George Perez and Marv Wolfman and first appeared in
New Teen Titans # 22 in 1982. She appears entirely in New Teen.
Titans # 23. The Blackfire possesses the powers of the Tamaranes which include
super strength, courage and vitality. Tamaranyans also have the skill
fly, but she lost this ability when she was small due to illness. thanks
to Psion’s experiments, she, like her sister Starfire, can
project stellar energy out of her hands in the form of star bolts … Later after repeated
experimentation, she will return the lost strength along with the ability
to fly.

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