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Child of Robert and Tina Minoru is the unofficial ruler of the Runaways. it
possesses the Staff of the One, an esoteric staff capable of satisfying any desire, but
just one time. Each year, the duo brought together five more couples in
an organization called Pride. In the end, Niko was shocked to see his father.
performing a spellcasting scenario in which he was one of those who killed
girl for their ritual in their organization … Niko deserves the decision to help
the rest run away from their parents. While running, Niko was shocked to see her
a mother who wields a staff called the Staff of the One. Tina Minoru later told
that she and Robert are secret dark wizards. Attempting to cast a staff on
her daughter’s breast, Nico consumed her.

After some events, Dale York’s samurai tried to attack her.
with his battle-ax, but the Staff of the One just merged with her. Speaking
With the word Freeze, she was able to freeze Stacey York. So incidents
explain the fact that Nico Minoru, like her parents, is a witch and every time
she is bleeding, the Staff of the One merges with her.

To be prepared to hide her identity as Nico Minoru, she borrowed the name
Sister Grimm, but it didn’t last long. Then she was hired by Alex and
for a while he became the unofficial leader of the Podiums. Nico Minoru was
Created by Adrian Alfona and Brian K. Vaughan … She first appeared in Runaways
No. 1 in 2003.

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