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France has always been a land of art … Whether it be literature, cinema or the beautiful
modeling talents France has always provided all of this, and these
individuals have been renowned for their contributions throughout the world.
While someone like Nikita Bellucci may not be the greatest star among this
list, her contribution is also worth it, and they brought her a worthy
share of fans and popularity.

Nikita Bellucci was born on November 6, 1989.
currently 29 years old. She is mainly known as an actor and her acting skills.
have often been the subject of praise and controversy. Some of her roles
has also been in adult cinema and this has often been the subject of controversy.
However, Nikita Bellucci is equally talented when it comes to her skills.

She’s not the tallest in the business – about five feet tall.
and five inches, but it makes up for the lack of height
beautiful appearance and well-groomed physique … She was part
films such as Do Not Disturb, French Novel and many others in which
were loved by her fans.

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