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She became the second Black Widow after training with the same spies.
who trained Natasha Romanova. Elena 15 years old was chosen to study
as a potential Black Widow. Her predecessor, Natalia Romanova, was gone.
loyal to Russia. Elena trained for ten years in the Red Room, Academy
intelligence operatives. She came to look at her trainer Pyotr Vasilyevich.
Starkovsky as a father figure … Meanwhile, Elena began to feel inferior and
inadequate to Romanova, whom she unconsciously idolized. Starkovsky was
reluctantly compromises her trust, acknowledging its attractiveness.

Instead, he turned to the fetish sex club Fabrika, who looked at him:
like Elena. Said double, Petra, deserves to be even more like
Elena and even borrowed a Black Widow costume. Starkovsky expected to be the first
at the mercy of Petra and her whips, and then have sex with her. In both cases
what would he like to do with Elena. He shared every little thing about
Elena and Petra, even the information must be classified. Without knowledge
to him, Petra was obsessed with her new identity as Black Widow and
was already psychotic. She lost control and killed Starkovsky during one of the
your sessions.

Elena Belova was created by J.G. … Jones and Devin Grayson and first appeared
in Inhumans Vol.2, Issue 5, written by Paul Jenkins and drawn
Jae Lee), but her backstory was only detailed in Black Widow: Pale Little
Spider No. 1-3 (June-August 2002).

Elena did not originally possess superhuman abilities. She went through extensive training
espionage and various forms of armed and unarmed combat. It is reported that she was
martial arts master. She was an Olympic-level athlete and gymnast. She had
the strength of a woman who regularly trains intensively. It
pretty smart and surprisingly experienced businesswoman. Her outfit was
reinforced with Kevlar, which gives it some bullet resistance, although
the blow can still hurt her … It bore a copy of Natalia Romanova.
wrists that allow her to discharge electrical shocks like her widow

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