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Valkyrie is another fictional character, but her origin remains a mystery to
some people. Her family background is unknown … She is one of many women
figures who choose those who must die in battle and those who can live. it
has the right to choose among half of those who died in battle, the other half
go to the goddess. She claims to have served Asgard. Her real name
Brunhilde. Odin probably chose her to lead the Valkyrion, so

The warrior goddess Valkyrie appears on the battlefield and makes her choice.
So, Brunhilde played this role for a long time. She also protected
Sigmund once, as she felt that Odin was going against the law. But,
seeing that she was acting against him, he deprived her of her divine powers and
immortal forces as well. Later, she was also plunged into a trance, which was
broken by Siegfried, with whom she fell in love. However, there are some burning questions.
led to their death. However, Odin, seeing all this, had mercy on
resurrected them. However, they had no old memories … So Valkyrie
continued to wield their immortal powers for a millennium.

However, Odin changed some of the rules. … She was unhappy with Odin’s decision
make your choice. She later left the following and completed other quests. it
also once trapped in Norriss’s body without realizing it. Later after Barbara
Norriss was killed, she was released. She chose to return to earth. She chose
mortals as Protectors against the Asgards. The Moon Dragon came under her tutelage. it
began to transform, but again fell under the influence of bad forces. Hence One
asked Valkyrie to control her anyway. Later, the Moon Dragon came to take revenge
and overcome them … Valkyrie later died during the Asgardian uprising.

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