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California, USA. She began acting in 2011, with most of her roles being in
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She gained global stature through her role as Rose Tiko in the 2017 film.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the 2019 film Star Wars: Skywalker.
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Her initial contributions consisted mainly of CollegeHumor videos and a small TV.
symbols … In 2013, she starred in the web series Ladies Like Us.
In 2015, Tran worked as an Assistant in Creative Recruiting.
The Century City firm.

In 2017, she again became the first Asian woman to appear on
Vanity Fair cover when she stumbled on the 2017 summer edition cover with
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Tran stars as Caitlin Le in the detective thriller Radiotopia.
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Kelly Marie Tran was a regular TV series on Facebook Watch series Sorry for
You lose. She will play Val Little in the upcoming Disney + Monsters series.
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