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years, Zara Larsson has earned great national fame in Sweden. Zara
Larsson also won Thalang of the 2008 season. In 2012, Zara Larsson signed
with a label called 10 music group, and she also released her
debut album titled Acquaintance. Single by Zara Larsson titled Uncover
topped the music charts in Scandinavia, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. These Zara
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Zara Larsson’s debut international album So Good was released in
2017 and peaked at # 7 on the UK Albums Chart, and
released eight very popular singles: Lush Life, Never Forgot, it’s not my fault, I
I want it so good, Don’t let me be yours, Just you and another Symphony … These
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Almost all of the singles from her albums hit the top 15 in the UK. Zara
Larsson won Thalang and she earned a lot of fame after that.
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