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very upset by the Australian fires. She left the event 15 minutes later.
as she is nervous about the raging forest fires threatening her home. According
to the report Nicole learned about the fire immediately after she arrived at the event,
she was seen in tears when reporters stopped her for an interview.
She was very distracted by everything that happened in Australia.

Nicole Kidman is 52 years old, she was born on June 20, 1967 in the United States to David.
Kidman and Janelle Ann. Her parents were Australian citizens and
was temporarily in the United States when Nicole was born. She studied in
Lane Cove Public School and attended North Sydney Girls’ High School.
Further research. She was forced to drop out of school when her mother was
diagnosed with breast cancer … She learned Victorian acting.
College of Art in Melbourne, then Australian Theater.

Together with her beautiful appearance and acting talent, Nicole was soon adopted
industry. Her debut film was a remake of Bush’s holiday season at Christmas.
1983 year. After that, she starred in films such as BMX Bandits, Watch
Shadow Dance ‘and’ Rider in the Wind ‘, accompanied by the television series’ Five Miles ‘.
Scream ”,“ Rural Practice ”and the mini-series“ Vietnam ”. Her image in
The film ‘Emerald City’ was highly appreciated by the audience. She gave firm
performance in ‘Dead Calm’, which brought her great popularity among
people. She has given a series of such popular films as ‘Days of Thunder’, ‘Flirt’,
Billy Bathgate, Far, Away, and My Life.

Nicole also had to deal with a low face after her films flopped badly in the market.
box office grosses such as Birth, Stepford Wives, Translator and
Bewitched … Nicole was associated with Marcus Graham in a life relationship.
She married Tom Cruise in 1999, but they broke up ten years later.