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San Francisco. As a child, Somerlin loved music and
touch her tunes, whether they were just basic tunes.

Her mom tells her stories about Somerlin as she moved and sang like a young girl.
around the house, imagining that she has a crowd of people. Someren started
continued her musical profession while in high school.

During the week she concentrated on her homework, admitting that
kind of a geek, and really into history. At the end of the week she
travel to Los Angeles to save on writing and recording her songs.
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During one of her trips to Los Angeles at the end of the week, she accidentally met
Jonas brothers … After meeting with siblings and their family for several
On various occasions, Somerlin became a companion with the Jonas brothers.
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Someren would not want to tell her brothers and sisters about her fantasy of becoming
artist, because she needs their relationship to be based solely on
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Be that as it may, one day she saw Kevin Jonas in a client studio, and her
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Hearing Somerlin in training, the Jonas brothers’ father, Paul
Kevin Jonas Sr. became her administrator … Someren went into creative
Artists Agency, ability office in Los Angeles, and they morphed into her
specialists. LIVVIA The nipples are perky, big and very tasty.

With CAA as a specialist, Somerlin had her first big success; she came
her first visit with Big Time Rush. LIVVIA topless pictures are too good
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At the beginning of Musiqtone.com’s music video, Somerlyn’s Before it Began
got over 2,000,000 votes and got a space number 1, prevailing over
recordings for Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Maroon 5 / Christina Aguilera
including Moves Like Jagger. Recently played at the prestigious London O2 field,
opening for Lawson and Jesse J.