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recently announced its decision to run against Vladimir Putin in 2018.
Presidential elections in Russia. The daughter of famous politicians, she was
formerly better known as it girl in Russia, as well as Russian Paris
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Ksenia Anatolyevna Sobchak was born on November 5, 1981 in Leningrad, USSR.
Anatoly Sobchak and Lyudmila Narusova. Her father, a divorce attorney, and
Vladimir Putin’s mentor was the first democratically elected mayor of St. Petersburg.
Petersburg, and her mother, also a politician, is a former member of
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In 2001 she moved to Moscow to continue her studies at Moscow University.
State Institute of International Relations, and after receiving a bachelor’s degree
In 2002, she enrolled in a two-year master’s program. With her
in late adolescence, she regularly appeared in the media due to the fact that she posed for the Russians
glamorous magazines, co-writing and participating in many TV shows, and also for dating
several oligarchs. However, she went through a major transformation after
she is 30 years old and she decided to return to her political roots to do something
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Concerned about allegations of fraud following the 2011 parliamentary elections, she
started a rally with opposition supporters … Although she was mostly known
her reality shows, and later she began to host political talk shows.
Citing the fact that her father was once a mentor to Putin, she was christened
as a spoiler candidate by many political scientists, although she
determined to advance the cause of the opposition. Ksenia Sobchak sex scenes
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In 2012, when Ksenia became more involved in the opposition, she
began to meet with members of the Solidarity movement Ilya Yashin.
They were often seen together in public at rallies and protests, shared
apartments, and were arrested during their last joint march on December 15.
this year. Media speculation about her relationship with Yashin stopped after
announced her marriage to TV presenter Maxim Vitorgan on the 1st.
February 2013 via Twitter. They broke up in 2018. Ksenia Sobchak Nipples
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