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tennis in 2008, flexible with strong serves and powerful ground hits. Tan
at an early age, she retired from the game, but in her tennis career
participated in singles, doubles and mixed tennis tournaments. Overall
In her career matches, she played and won 166 matches, losing 94 matches. Tatyana
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She began her professional tennis career at 345th place a year.
2003; her debut took place in Cagnes-sur-Mer in France in 2002. At the ITF
On the track, she played three ITF tournaments, avoiding one semi-final. After one year
played in the WTA tour in 2003, it was the first WTA tour, Golovin won
tournament, it was her first tennis victory. She was the strongest opponent
The game against Gisela Dulko at Indian Wells ended in a draw … Tatyana
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It was at the Australian Open tennis that she finished 354 in 2004, she won
mixed, teamed up with Richard Gasquet, and together, as a team, they
defeated Kara Black and Vine Black. She lost to Serena Williams in the fourth.
Wimbledon tour; Serena was gone. 10 players at the time. In 2006 she
played in the semi-finals of the I level, where she beat Elena Dementieva in the fourth
and entered the top 100 female singles winners. Tatyana
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In 2007, she played in the Australian Open tennis, but was unable to win, later her
At the tournament in April, she won the WTA title, her first WTA title.
After reaching the finals of the Japanese Open Tennis Championships in 2005.
The next final she was able to reach was the Porshe Tennis Grand Prix. Later
2008, the hardest time was a back injury when she was in
Olympic Games in Beijing, but could not continue due to back inflammation.
After this injury, she was unable to return to the tennis court. Tatyana
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