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Gallagher in Shameless, showcasing her hair transformation in the new series.
the backstage look can be seen as proof of her latest project. She gave
the first glimpse of her latest twist as Angelina. Emmy appeared in full
transformed with platinum blonde hair and a hot pink leather dress. She took
on Twitter to share snapshots of the start of the adventure.

Emmy Rossum is 33 years old, she was born on September 12, 1986 in New York. She was born
single mother Cheerley Rossum, as her parents were separated when her mother
was pregnant. She started singing at the age of 7. She joined
The Metropolitan Opera Children’s Choir gets the opportunity to perform on stage with
famous opera singers. By the age of 12, she was already working with
Franco Zeffirelli in Carmen … She attended Flo Salant Greenberg at The New
Actors workshop for acting skills.

She made her guest debut on the TV program Law & Order.
She appeared as Abigail Williams in the soap opera How the World Turns. She earned
nomination for the Young Artist Award for his role in the film Genius. IN
ABC TV film The Audrey Hepburn Story, she played the role of Audrey Hepburn.
she was followed in the same year by the role of Deladis Slocamb in The Songcatcher.

She was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for her brilliant ability.
performance at Songcatcher. She also showed her vocal talent by singing a duet.
with the legend Dolly Parton. She played the main character in the movie Nola. Her
The breakthrough film was ‘Mystic River’ as Katie Rossum. Day
After Tomorrow remains her favorite film with the role of Laura.
Chapman. She is actively involved in promoting breast cancer awareness.