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is the recipient of two Cesar Awards. She also proved to be good
actress of the French film industry. She also received the Lumière Prize in
category ‘Most Promising Actress’. She has received many awards for her role.
in Inglourious Basterds. Her directorial debut is 2015.
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Melanie Laurent was born on February 21, 1983 in Paris. She is 37 years old at the time
now. She was born into a Jewish family. Her mother is Annik, she
ballerina and ballet teacher. Her Pierre Laurent played the role
voice-over artist. She has a pedigree grandparents who worked in films.
poster editors … In 1998, she went to shoot Asterix and Obelix.
where she was offered a role to play. At 16, she got a small role in
Lisbeth Daboval. Actress Laurent was in a serious relationship with the French
actor Julien Boisselier, graduated 2009. Melanie Laurent Pussy pictures
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In 2013, she revealed that she got married, but did not give her name.
husband. She told The Independent. He was a member of the crew and she was
actress. Her first child from her husband was a son named Leo. On
At the initial stage of her career, she played such small roles in Summer
Things, Rice Rhapsody and Glory Days. She got her revolutionary role in
Don’t worry i’m fine … She also starred in several other films such as Le
tueur and Hidden Love in 2007. This year she got a lot of success in Hollywood.
2009. Has worked with famous stars Brad Pitt, Christopher Waltz and Diane.
Kruger. Moreover, she has supported several overfishing campaigns.
She is also a climate ambassador. Melanie Laurent’s nipples are big, big and
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