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Alicia Keys is a very famous musician, singer as well as songwriter. Alicia
Keyes was a pianist and has been composing songs since childhood.
Very young. After much controversy with the label, Alicia Keys moved to
to sign a contract with Arista Records and then she released her debut album titled,
Songs in A minor in 2001. This album was a huge success and
released her first Billboard Hot 100 single under the number one title,
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Alicia Keys has received many awards, including 15 Grammy Competitive Awards, 12 awards.
ASCAP Awards, and Songwriters Hall of Fame and National
Music Publishers Association. Alicia Keys has sold over 65 million
records all over the world. Alicia Keys is called a musical icon and she is also
was named Billboard Best R&B Artist of the 2000s. Alicia Keyes Pussy
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