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and Kizumonogatari. Good!! This character was voiced by Yui Hori in
Japanese version, Christina V in English version and Seo Eun Lee in
Korean version. She is a classmate and close friend of Koyomi Araragi.
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Tsubasa is also the school representative at Naoetsu Private High School.
She is a role model in her school. Tsubasa faced the unfortunate
circumstances in her family, but still succeeded. First day
On Golden Week, she was fascinated by the oddity. As a result, she received
alternate self, and he was named Black Hanekawa. Tsubasa Hanekawa nude
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She, along with Black, became the storytellers of Nekomonogatari and
Wazamonogatari. Tsubasa was portrayed as the protagonist of four
main arcs. These are Tsubasa’s cat, Tsubasa Family, Tsubasa and Tsubasa Tiger.
Sleep … She was also part of the small arcs, and this is Tsubasa Song,
Tsubasa board and Leo Tsubasa. Good!! Tsubasa is a teenage girl and has been seen
To wear glasses. She has black hair, a fair complexion, and purple pupils. it
declared as the beautiful lady from the TV series Koyomi Araragi,
HitagiSenjougahara and Suruga Kanbura. Tsubasa Hanekawa Pussy Photo May
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She is a quiet and kind-hearted girl. Tsubasa has a positive attitude towards
Problems . Even her upper class makes her the favorite student of her teacher.
According to the novel, he currently lives with his stepfather and stepmother.
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Her biological mother gave birth to her when her mother was 17 years old.
biological father is compared to Casanova. She has a lot of knowledge
and this is due to her study habits … They say nothing makes me angry, but when she
angry, she may even scold her abuser. She also has a strong sense of
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