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Solomiya Maievskaya is a very famous Ukrainian opera singer who received an award
a lot of fame for appearing on The Voice Kids Ukraine, and also,
Voice of the Children of Germany … Solomiya Mayevskaya is a native of Kiev, she has
Beginning Solomiya began singing when she was three years old. Solomiya Mayevskaya
then she won her first international competition.

By 2012, Solomiya Maievskaya auditioned for the first season of The
Voice of the Children of Ukraine ”. Solomiya Maievskaya then made it to the final.
episode and was announced as one of the finalists. Solomiya Maievskaya had
then moved to Berlin with her family. Solomiya Maievskaya appeared
about the German version of The Voice Kids. Solomiya Mayevskaya was also
entered the Ukrainian Book of Records as a young opera singer.

Solomiya Maievskaya has more than 56 thousand subscribers and more than a thousand subscribers.
subscribers on YouTube. For the musical abilities of Solomiya Maievskaya, she was
considered a phenomenon in the world of opera … Solomiya Maievskaya gave
her blind audition in the pilot episode of the Ukrainian version of The
Children’s Voice.

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