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Sarah Shahi is a very talented actress, she was born on January 10.
1980. Sarah Shahi is also a famous NFL cheerleader. Sarah Shahi from
Iranian as well as Spanish origin. The actress played the role of Kate Reed.
in the film Legal enough. Sarah Shahi played the role of a character
Carmen, on L Word, this was 2008. This model also
starred in the role of Samina Shaw in the famous drama ‘Interesting Man’.

Sarah Shahi also starred and played the role
Det. Dani Reese in Life and Sarah Shahi in a supporting role,
called Alias … By 2018, in this way, the model had already starred in the popular show Reverie.
While Sarah Shahi worked as an additional character for Dr T as well as women in
In Texas, this actress met a director named Robert Altman, and he
encouraged this actress to make the transition to Hollywood. Sarah Shahi had
then earned many roles in shows like Reba, Supernatural, Dawson’s Creek
and also Alias. By 2005, this model appeared as DJ Carmen de la Pica.
Morales in L Word.

This actress played the role of Farah in the second season of The Sleeping Cage. Sarah
Shahi also starred in a show called The Sopranos and it was in
year, 2007.

By 2007, this model got a small role in the movie ‘Rush Hour 3’.
and here Sarah Shahi played the role of Zoe.

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