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Winter was born Dagmar Winter in Berlin, Germany on June 8, 1931.
in England. When she was 16 years old, her father left for Morocco,
reportedly to regulate the position of a woman who did not allow anyone to visit her;
he visited friends in Southern Rhodesia, fell in love with them and accepted
his daughter and her stepmother to live with him there. Dana was later pursued as
studied at the preparatory medical faculty of the University of Rhodes, and also dabbled in theatrical art,
depicting a blind girl in the school play ‘Through the Dark Glass’, in
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After more than a year of study, she returned to England and changed programs.
abandoning medical education and switching to an acting career. She was
in a play in Hammersmith when an American agent told her he wanted
represent her … She was evacuated to New York on November 5, 1953, Guy Fawkes.
Day, a holiday dedicated to the attempt to blow up parliament in 1605.
construction. She later said that there were fireworks.
interviewer, and I could not shake the thought that this was a suitable
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Dana has had more success in New York than in London, filming Robert on television.
Montgomery Presents, Suspense, Studio One in Hollywood and the scene before
soon went to Hollywood. The lithe dark-eyed actress appeared in
over a dozen films filmed on Golden Age television such as Playhouse 90 and
even participated in her short-lived television series The Man Who
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She married and parted ways with the famous Hollywood lawyer Greg Boutzer.
Dana once called Hollywood an oasis of elegance, dividing her time between homes.
in California and County Wicklow, Ireland, until her death. Dana Winter died
May 5, 2011 from congestive heart failure in the Ojai Valley community.
Hospital Continuing Care Center. She was 79. Dana Winter’s nipples are perky,
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