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a tartkatan like Baraka. Milina was magically created by Shao Kahn.
sorcerers to be Kitana’s twin sister. She was not only one of Shao Kahn
special assassins, but she was also tasked with keeping an eye on her

Although Milina had always envied Kitana’s elegance and wanted her to
when Kitana learned the truth about her parents, Shao
Kahn worried about the worst and sent Milina to spy on her. She found that
Kitana was in conspiracy with the earthly warriors and attacked her, in which she
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She descended into the Void, where Shinnok rules. When Shao Kahn strove
revive her, Shinnok allowed her to leave with the ability to read
Kitana’s thoughts. After Shao Kahn’s invasion failed, Shinnok summoned her.
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During Shinnok’s attack on Heaven, Shinnok awakens Milina in response.
for her help. She used this opportunity to attack Kitana and prove to her
superiority; however, she was defeated and locked up in the dungeon of Eden. Milina
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When Onaga returned, Baraka freed Milina, and Onaga ordered her to take
her deceased sister’s place and rule her armies, even deceiving
the remaining warriors of the Earth. By her actions, she blew up Shao Kahn’s fortress.
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However, her reign over the Outworld was short-lived, as Shao Kahn, Goro, and Shang
Tsung stormed the fortress … Milina gave up and Shao Kahn sent her to
return Shujunko in hopes of using him to gain Onaga as an ally. Milina
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Milina always expected to be beautiful. Shao Kahn offered her a beauty
instead of serving him. He looked at her with Kitana’s gaze. Shao Kahn wanted
anger and deformed her face. Now she has big and frightening teeth. Milina
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