47 Hot & Sexy Tracer Cosplay Proves She’s The Sexiest Video Game Character

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While we’re talking about this hot woman, now we want to give you a ride
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Tracer is a super sexy playable character that many would like to see in reality. It
a melee and skirmish hero, and Tracer specializes in single target
damage as well as speed. The agility of her Tracer, as well as her high single target
The damage certainly makes her pretty good at targeting low risk targets. IN
the character can move around the map using Blink to flank enemies Tracer
and also damage them. Tracer’s lack of regenerating shields could
means this character uses Blink and Recall very well.

Primary weapons with low base health – Pulse Pistols … There is fire shooting
from both pistols and inflicted heavy damage. Pistols with low base health have
a very large cone of fire, as well as a rather bad damage falloff, this makes them
ineffective after several short-range fights.

All Pulse Pistol shots require good aiming. Huge
spread and fast rate of fire means the Tracer can get very close to
her enemies, and also track their movements.

When the recall function is activated, Tracer can rewind 3 seconds in
the past, and this will restore her health as well as her position where Tracer was.
while … If only Tracer’s health value is lower than it was
was before she activated this ability.

Tracer uses Recall to restore health and can be used to escape: for example
jump off the ledge or wait for the enemy to follow Tracer.

Now that we’ve told you about this character, let’s get started.
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