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Thrones looks with her role in the Penny Dreadful spin-off City of
Angels. Natalie Dormer took on the role of Magda on this series and she
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Natalie Dormer is a very famous and super talented English actress, and she
played the prominent role of Anne Boleyn on the Showtime series.
known as the Tudors. Natalie Dormer has also become famous on television.
viewers as a character, Margaery Tyrell from the famous HBO series called,
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Natalie Dormer studied at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and
Natalie Dormer then played the role of Irene Adler / Jamie Moriarty in
the show is called Elementary. Natalie Dormer has a brother named Mark and
Natalie Dormer also has a sister named Samantha. In 2011 Natalie
Dormer was engaged to Anthony Byrne. Natalie Dormer then befriended
role in Captain America: The Captain America: The First Avenger with Chris Evans in
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