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center of attraction in the sports world of Croatia. She has always been
praised for their aggressive and fast playing style. Social media platforms and
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Antonia Sandric was born as Antonia Mishura and was Croatian.
basketball player by profession. Born on May 19, 1988 in SR.
Croatia. She is currently a member of the Polish team CCC Polkwice and also
is a member of the Coatie women’s national basketball team. This girl loved to play
various sports, including volleyball, while growing up in the city
Sibenik. In the end, she chose basketball as her profession after the elders.
sister and her sports idol Drazen Petrovich … Her professional career began
with Vidici Dalmostan in 2005 and then with Jolly JBS in 2007.
In 2008, she won both the Croatian Cup and the national championship.
celebrated her first season with her club. In the last years of 2010 and 2011.
season, she averaged 30.9 minutes and 9 points in each game
Adriatic League. She also had a record of 26 minutes and 7.3 points each.
play in the Eurocup. She excelled in her field at a very young age and she
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In the 2009 Mediterranean Games, she and the national team won bronze.
medal … She was ranked 5th in the Eurobasket for women in 2011 and also 10th in 2012.
Summer Olympic Games. In 2009 she received the Miss Mediterranean Games title.
survey of nearly 80 photographers from 23 countries of the world. Because of her
bewitching beauty, she was also offered the role of a model, but she
refused everyone, since her priority has always been sports and education.
She claims that the attention given to her is both flattering and annoying.
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